Capability Transition & Product Integration Product Managers
Product Lead(PdL) Ground Combat Product Integration

Product Lead (PdL) Ground Combat Product Integration


  • PEO GCS focused Mounted-Capability Set (M-CS) Integration
  • Open Architecture Development
  • Standardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE)
  • Family of Commoditized Platform Components (FPCP)
    • The FPCP will provide programmatic hardware enablers to achieve MOSA on GCS platforms.
    • Commonality between platforms will reduce costs through share bulk acquisition.
Product Lead (PdL) Ground Combat Enabling Technologies & Transitions

Product Lead (PdL) Ground Combat Enabling Technologies & Transitions


  • Execute requested/directed Technology Transition and Systems Commonality projects in support of the PMs
  • Management of multiple funding sources across the PEO GCS portfolio
    • Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E)
      • 6.4 funding line that PEO GCS manages
    • Technology Maturation Initiatives (TMI)
      • Entrance maturity of TRL 6; exit maturity TRL 7
    • U.S. Army Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech)
      • Matures established technology from a minimum of MRL 4 to MRL 7
    • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
      • Opportunities are ad hoc, as needs emerge, submissions accepted monthly
    • OSD Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER)
      • Joint Service participation, tech mature to TRL 7
Product Manager (PdM) Vehicle Protection Systems

Product Manager (PdM) Vehicle Protection Systems

Program of Record Overview

  • Provide active, passive, and reactive survivability capabilities onto ground combat vehicles
  • Vehicle Base Kit (VBK) with Laser Warning Receiver (LWR)
    • Platform integrated system that provides early warning for enemy threats based on laser detection sensors.
  • Reactive Armor Tiles (RAT)
    • Provides both Explosive Reactive and Passive Armor.
  • Signature Management Paint (SIGMAN)
    • Provides reduced detectability in the electro-magnetic spectrum to platforms.