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What We Do

    • We provide the infrastructure and resources to develop, train and retain a world-class competent and diverse workforce.
    • We focus on soldier-centric combat vehicle solutions to improve soldier capability and survivability.
    • We provide Warfighters with a full spectrum of ground combat systems modernized to accommodate future mission demands.
    • We incorporate lethality, survivability, mobility, and adaptability improvements of ground combat vehicles for the Warfighter.
    • We pursue commonality and interoperability by leveraging common ground combat vehicle standards and systems - reducing system support costs and logistical footprint across the portfolio of ground combat platforms.
    • We take pride in the ground combat vehicle platforms and services we provide the Joint Warfighter.



Our Mission


Our Vision


Modernize, sustain and transform the Army's portfolio of premier ground combat systems.


A team of trusted professionals delivering dominant ground combat systems for America's Warfighters.



COL Bonnette COL Ramos COL Howell Mr. Boyd COL Bernier COL Jurand Mr. McNeill Mr. Dopp
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