Project Lead (PL)
Capability Transition & Product Integration
Capability Transition & Product Integration
Our Mission
Project Lead Capability Transition & Product Integration Office (PL CTPI) provides strategic planning and PEO GCS platform synchronization by informing, maturing, and integrating Army-wide product technologies and S&T investments to address technology needs, transition advanced technology, and deliver new capability across the GCS portfolio.
Our Vision
An integrated team of teams bridging capability gaps and transitioning advanced technologies from Programs of Records and S&T communities onto PEO GCS platforms.
  • PL CTPI was stood up to provide PEO GCS PMs with a single resource, focused on vertical and horizontal technology integration addressing PM prioritized capability gaps.
  • Open Architecture Development
  • S&T Management of multiple funding sources across PEO GCS portfolio
  • Provide holistic integration processes for transition of technology & capabilities onto GCS platforms
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