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The Project Lead Capability Transition & Product Integration Office (PL CTPI) provides a spectrum of technology integration expertise & services in support of the PM's across the PEO GCS portfolio with industry and the S&T community to manage vertical and horizontal technology integration addressing PM prioritized capability gaps. PL CTPI provides PEO GCS, the management expertise and business processes for the transition of emerging technology from maturity at subsystem & system level into integration with GCS platforms.

CTPI Product Lead and Manager Mission Statements

PdL Ground Combat Product Integration (PdL GCPI)

Product Lead Ground Combat Product Integration (PL GCPI) performs the deliberate synchronization of System of Systems Technology, Cost, and Schedule of Products with PEO GCS Platforms to incorporate multiple Products on multiple Platforms aligned with current S&T efforts in support of Army Modernization programs. PL GCPI conducts coordination with PEO GCS Platforms, management of Advanced Prototyping and POM synchronization to achieve Systems of Systems capabilities for the Warfighter.

PdL Ground Combat Enabling Technologies & Transitions (PdL GCETT)

Product Lead, Ground Combat Enabling Technologies and Transitions, provides PEO GCS product managers with operationally, technically, and fiscally executable design options by curating and refining science and technology (S&T) projects into timely, relevant, mature, and integrable capabilities.

PdM Vehicle Protection Systems (PdM VPS)

Mission:  Advance and deploy vehicle force protection capabilities that give Soldiers confidence to act boldly and return home safely.

Vision:  We are an integrated team committed to delivering advanced capabilities that detect, defeat, and protect.


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