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Provide Proven Superior Acquisition, Development, and Sustainment of the Stryker Family of Vehicles that afford the War Fighter Quick Response Maneuvering, Enhanced Survivability and Lethality, Expanded Fight Versatility, and Proven Tactical Agility.



What We Do


Develop the acquisition and program management framework to transform the Army to the Objective Force

PEO_GCS_Bullet Work closely with other PEOs, PMs and Commands to provide the best equipment to the Interim Brigade
PEO_GCS_Bullet Employ assigned resources (time, personnel, space, information systems and budget) in the most efficient manner to accomplish assigned tasks
PEO_GCS_Bullet Implement DoD guidance for acquisition reform & streamlining
PEO_GCS_Bullet Optimize development, acquisition, and logistics business processes
PEO_GCS_Bullet Fulfill the Chief of Staff's vision by providing an Interim Force system during the Army Transformation
PEO_GCS_Bullet Foster the infrastructure necessary to provide ready, responsive, reliable and cost effective materiel development services to meet higher command and User community needs while exceeding their support expectations
PEO_GCS_Bullet Employ Modeling and Simulation where possible to conserve resources
PEO_GCS_Bullet Recruit, develop, train and retain a world-class workforce that is fully competent, resourceful, diverse, values-based, empowered and intolerant of discrimination
PEO_GCS_Bullet Have fun in what we do and pride in the services we provide
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