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Army Ground Combat Vehicle acquisition strategy revised

Soldiers return from
Fort Bliss assessment

Army assesses current vehicles as part of Ground Combat Vehicle development process

Army announces Ground Combat Vehicle contracts

Who We Are

The Ground Combat Vehicle Project Management Office is the focal point for the Army's next generation fighting vehicle. PM GCV's focus in the near term is on the completion of the design and development of the Army's next generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The PMO provides leadership, technical expertise, and oversight throughout the lifecycle of the Army's next generation fighting vehicles to deliver survivable, versatile, and enduring ground combat capabilities to the Warfighter. The Ground Combat Vehicle team, co-located in Warren, MI and Picatinny, NJ is comprised of highly skilled acquisition professionals transforming the Army's combat vehicle capability through innovative, Soldier-focused material solutions that meet the demands of a complex and ever changing battlefield.


What We Do

Utilize an incremental or block approach to develop and procure the next generation of ground combat vehicles based on technology maturity, schedule and affordability while addressing key operational gaps.

Provide leadership and oversight for the design and development of the first Ground Combat Vehicle increment able to deliver a nine-man infantry squad to the battlefield in an improvised explosive device (IED) environment.

Work closely with industry to reduce technical risk and balance affordability with system performance.


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